Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pelosi And Democratic Leadership Cave In To Cheney, Bush And Blue Dog Democrats

Well, they did it. They've proved right all of their most vocal critics. They've finally come clean and admitted up front and publicly that they have no respect for the lives of Iraqis or for the lives of the US troops they send off to die for nothing more than the price of oil. They've shown clearly that all of their rhetoric about diplomatically engaging Iran was
nothing more than hot smoke blown up the asses of the American people and the world.

A million dead Iraqis were not enough for them. Tens of thousands of dead, crippled, blinded, burned, poisoned and maimed American soldiers were not enough for them. In a futile attempt to save their political asses they have ensured that the killing and dying will continue. Not only in Iraq, but very likely in an expansion of the Mid East Debacle into an attack on Iran. Possibly one using nuclear weapons. One that could drastically increase the death count in the Mid East to millions.

Cheney and Bush and the rethuglicans were bad enough. The most deceitful bloodthirsty psychopathic killers and parasites ever to hold power in America. But after yesterday that distinction falls to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party leadership.

On February 28, 2007 Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), one of the 73 members of the Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus, and member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, introduced HR 1234: A bill to immediately end the United States occupation of Iraq. Kucinich's bill, if passed, would end US military involvement in Iraq within 90 days of passage.

Kucinich's plan would provide that "Not later than the end of the 3-month period beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act, all United States Armed Forces serving in Iraq shall be completely withdrawn from Iraq and returned to the United States or redeployed outside of the Middle East.".

His plan also would establish a "Prohibition on Use of Funds To Continue Deployment of Armed Forces in Iraq", except where needed to ensure the security of Iraq and to provide for the safe and orderly withdrawal of the Armed Forces from Iraq.
They could have had nearly all US Troops home to their families before July 4 this year, and had Iraq well on the way to peace and security for that country's people finally.
"If there is a timetable for the U.S. troops to get out, if a real Iraqi government has authority to make decisions, it can reach an understanding with the groups in the Mahdi Army to solve the situation, to stop the violence, and also with the insurgent groups," said Jawad al-Khalisi, a Shiite ayatollah and seminary leader in Baghdad who has tried to reconcile the radicals under a nationalist, pro-withdrawal banner. "The Iraqi people will get rid of the extremist powers from both sides. We won't allow them to continue their violent and terrorist acts."
It was the best opportunity Pelosi et al had to bring the Mid East Debacle to an end and show the world that they stood behind all of the high sounding rhetoric that had enabled them to take back control of Congress in last Novembers mid-term elections, and they ignored it. Worse, they simply threw it away, while at the same time spitting in the faces of the voters who swept them into the power position that they now refuse to use to further those voters express wishes and intentions. Instead they have thoroughly betrayed the American people and the Iraqi people.

I could not be any more thoroughly disgusted than I am this morning. Please read Greg's article below closely.

From Greg Sargent at TPM Cafe: House Dem Leadership's Bill On Iraq Obtained
We've just obtained a copy of parts of the long-awaited House Dem leadership's bill on Iraq -- the one that's been the subject of days and days of behind-the-scenes battling among House Democrats. You can view excerpts in our TPM Document Collection.

The key points about the bill you need to know for now are as follows:

First, though the bill mandates withdrawal by Fall 2008 at the latest, it's going to be at least partly a disappointment to some House liberals. That's because language that was in earlier drafts that would have clipped funding after the deadline -- as opposed to merely declaring the war illegal -- has been taken out.

House leaders will argue that the bill does do its job, because it declares the war illegal beyond a certain date. But liberal House sources say this removed language was critical in ending the war in practice, because it would enforce the war's end with the power of the purse rather than requiring a trip to court to force an end to the war should Bush insist on keeping it going in defiance of the legislation.

Second, in another disappointment to House liberals, key language mandating that Bush get Congressional approval before going to war with Iran has been taken out. This was a concession to Blue Dog Dems who fear that if they vote for any measure tying the Commander in Chief's hands in any way, it will make them vulnerable in their moderate districts, a House staffer says.
Nearly a million dead Iraqis and more than 3000 dead US soldiers (American kids) and tens of thousands maimed for life later, in a rethuglican version of climbing over bodies to make it to the top, George W. Bush's Iraq and Mid-East Debacle is turning out to be very profitable for his friends. Among whom can now be counted Nancy Pelosi and the top level Democratic Party leadership.

How many more have to die?


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