Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Simpletons? Check. Lunatics? Check. Fanatical neocon ideologues? Check.

Hat tip for this video to buhdydharma commenting on a post from FMArouet at Docudharma: Neocons vs. Iran: Final Prewar Scouting Report (see quotes below)

Neocons vs. Iran: Final Prewar Scouting Report
As the Bush/Cheney White House, its supportive neocon ideologues, and its public relations machine appear to be "catapulting the propaganda" to prepare the way for attacking Iran, perhaps for a change we should try the novel approach of thinking and asking about the possible consequences before actually launching yet another preemptive war.

No one in the corporate media, in Congress (save for a few largely drowned-out voices, such as that of Senator Jim Webb), or least of all in the Unitary Executive (except for Secretary of Defense Robert Gates) gives much evidence of raising and pondering such questions.

Let's give it a try below the break. Just taking the trouble to ask a few questions uncovers at least five major tectonic shifts that likely would follow a U.S. assault on Iran.

There will be plenty of links for those who want to delve a little deeper. You might want to start with a full coffee cup.
[detailed description of global cataclysm & consequences here]
Who would launch such a war?

Simpletons? Check. X
Lunatics? Check. X
Fanatical neocon ideologues? Check. X
War profiteers, i.e., Big Guns, Big Oil, and Big Wartime Contractors? Check. X
Sociopathic, Nuremberg-caliber war criminals? Check. X

Are these "deciders" actively seeking Armageddon on the hill of Megiddo? Or are they yearning for a Wagnerian Götterdämmerung?

Or are the U.S. "deciders" simply incurious about the likely consequences of their actions and incapable of considering alternatives? The late historian Barbara Tuchman, author of The Guns of August and The March of Folly, had a word for such behavior: wooden-headedness.

No matter what Cheney and Bush decide to do with the massive U.S. destructive power that they have deployed to the Persian Gulf, the geopolitical tectonic plates have begun to slide swiftly. Will the plates arrive at a new equilibrium with--or without--the shock of a regional (and perhaps global) cataclysm that would be triggered by a U.S. assault on Iran?
Take the day off. Lock the door. Brew a pot of coffee, and go read the whole thing.

Then watch this six minute film about Hillary Clinton.

You may want to have some whiskey in the house for later...

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